Live Online: Distinguish truth and lies

When people lie they leak the truth. Learn why people do what they do, how to analyse and interpret their behaviour to your advantage

How to succeed in distinguishing truths from lies

This online course is a mixed program and involves both online training and an interactive 3-hour live online MasterClass. It takes a research-based approach to learning and delivers the premium standard in behaviour analysis and communication-based skills.

When people are lying or being deceptive, they leak their true feelings and thoughts through unconscious and uncontrolled behaviour. You will discover new powerful, non-oppressive techniques and casual conversation approaches that will cause no problems for the truth-teller, but will become a real challenge for anyone being deceptive.

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$2599 (Incl. 2 hours of live training)
More than 11 hours of online training



This advanced course with 10 modules, 10 hours of online training, more than 100 videos, ebooks and online material, takes a closer look at the subtleties of communication and how it relates to credibility and truthfulness. When you have developed the techniques and skills to read and pick up information from others through our six channels of communication, you will then get to learn non-oppressive elicitation techniques and how you can ask great questions and adopt a proven approach can support a constructive relationship and get you the information you need.

In this course you will be analysing different videos and audio of real-life scenarios and criminal cases. During the online workshop you will get the chance to practise one-on-one activities and simulation, and taking part in high-stake group exercises. The exercises are made specifically towards your intended needs and are designed to strengthen your new skills and to increase your abilities in real-world interactions.

After successfully completing of the Behavioural Analysis course you will received a certificate signed by the Director of Wiinberg Frost and your mentor.

Course Outline:

Module 1:  Deception, Truth & Emotions
  • Definition of a lie & The Power of Emotions
Module 2:  Emotional Intellince
  • Psychological models of truth and lies & Emotional Timeline
Module 3:  Interaction Style
  • How people use words and when they use them can be revealing
Module 4:  The Face & Emotions
  • Our 43 facial muscles combine to create reliable indicators of both emotions and cognitions
Module 5:  Pschophysiology
  • The often unnoticed nervous system responses that can give us an insight into the communication of others
Module 6:  The Voice
  • The acoustic quality of our voices can gice telltale signs of cognitions and emotional states
Module 7:  Body Language
  • Body movements and tention can reveal subtle clues to the cognitive and emotional state of others
Module 8:  Statement Analysis
  • Which words do we choose to use and how do we construct our stories and statements
Module 9:  Investigative Interviewing
  • Voice
Module 10:  Live / Online MasterClass


How is the course administrated?

The Behavioural Analysis course is pre-recorded. The modules 1-3 will be released every Monday at 7AM. The 4th module the 3-hour workshop is conducted live online using Zoom. You'll receive information on how to access the workshop on email prior to the workshop.

What's happening if I miss a session? Do I have to attend every class?

Life happens; The Behavioural Analysis course is pre-recorded, so if you miss out on a video, or have to cut out early, you can re-watch all modules and videos wherever and when ever you want. However, we encourage you to watch as many of the weekly module videos and make the weekly assignments as possible.

Please note; the live workshop is recorded. if you miss a session, you'll be able to view the recording once the recording is processed. 

Once the recording of the workshop is sent to you, you have 5 days to watch it. 
The recording is 
not downloadable

How long do I have to watch the recordings?

Once you have paid for the online course, you have 120 days to successfully complete the course. Please note that all video content are not downloadable. If you complete the course within the 120 days, the course will maintain active and available until the 120 days has been reached.

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  • Jasper Frost
  • David Stephens

Startup Dates

10 am ET - 12 pm ET

  • 2021 Course dates coming soon

What's Included

  • 3-hour online live MasterClass
  • 10 total hours online training
  • 100+ training videos
  • Behavioural Analysis Workbook
  • Ebooks
  • Audio recordings
  • Exclusive training material
  • Body Language Analysis tools
  • Facial Expression tools
  • Applied Psychology
  • Persuasion & Influence tools
    - and much more.