Live Online: Body Language Deception Detection Training

Virtual training for those looking to successfully navigate
the new communication challenges our covid-19 world presents.

Successfully decoding non-verbal behaviour

Join Jasper Frost and his team for this 35+ session course (total 3-hours) including a 2-hour online live workshop, that will help you successfully analysing body language and non-verbal behaviour.

Body language (also known as Kinesics) is a method of nonverbal communication used by humans and many animals as a form of signaling, expressing and conveying information to others.

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$999,- (Incl. 2 hour live training)



In this body language course you will get more than 50 training videos (4-hours) divided into 6 modules plus a 2-hour online live MasterClass facilitated by Jasper Frost, expert in behavioural analysis and international keynote speaker, you’ll learn body language techniques proven in high-stress situations that you can apply to your everyday business, networking meetings, job interviews or social interactions.

In this course, that you can join from anywhere, you will learn how to read and interpret meaningful information in any interaction. You will improve upon your listening, awareness, and relationship-building skills, all essential for communication.


After successfully completing of the Body Language course you will received a certificate signed by the Director of Wiinberg Frost and your mentor.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Body Language

Module 2: Truth & Lies

Module 3: Gestures

Module 4: Illustrators

Module 5: Manipulators & Pacifyers

Module 6: Tension

Module 7: 2-Hour live / online MasterClass


How is the course administrated?

The FRAME course is pre-recorded. All modules and content are available after purchase. The 2 hour workshop is conducted live online using Zoom. You'll receive information on how to access the course on email prior to the workshop.

What's happening if I miss a session? Do I have to attend every class?

Life happens; the FRAME course is pre-recorded, so if you miss out on a video, or have to cut out early, you can re-watch all module videos wherever and whenever you want. However, we recommended to watch as many of the videos and make the weekly assignments as possible prior to the live workshop.

Please note; the live workshop is recorded. If you miss a session, you'll be able to view the recording once the recording is processed. 

Once the recording of the workshop is sent to you, you have 5 days to watch it. The recording is not downloadable

How long do I have to watch the recordings?

Once the recordings are sent to you, you have 5 days to watch them. They are not downloadable.

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  • Jasper Frost
  • (David Stephens)

Workshop Dates

10 am ET - 12 pm ET

  • 2021 Course dates coming soon

What's Included

  • 2-hour live online MasterClass
  • 4-hours of online training
  • 50+ training videos
  • Body language workbook
  • Ebooks
  • Exclusive handout material
  • Access to video recording for 5-days online.
  • Secret bonus