Management Coaching

Behavioural and Emotional Intelligence

"Since 2017, we have used Jasper Frost as an external lecturer on our business educations. The way Jasper teach is both motivating and inspiring. He manages and understands how to make behavioural analysis into inspirational and applicable content."

Stine G. Jeppesen, Tietgen Business School.


Having the skill to fully understand the communication in business interactions such as business meetings and negotiations - especially the hidden communication of others, is critical to success.

Are you missing out on the hidden opportunities of decoding non-verbal communication? We provide custom-made training such as:

#1  Management one-on-one training
  1. Become consciously aware of your own emotions before speaking/acting.
  2. Choose behavior when emotional towards goals without damaging others.
  3. Become more aware about how others are feeling.
  4. Learn to understand and decode body language.

#2  Management, Sales or Team training

As business professionals, it is vital that we establish trust with the people we work with and for, and we do that by creating a relationship through body language and effective communication. You’ll learn how to immediately make people feel that you are the only one that they can trust and that “gets them.” As a result you will be able to communicate more effectively and powerfully.

#3  The Principles of persuasion training

You'll learn the universal principles of persuasion and how to influence others in business or social interactions. When we make a decision, it would be nice to think that people consider all the available information in order to make a decision. But the reality is very often different. In our increasingly overloaded lives, more than ever we need practical and proven techniques to guide our decision-making.